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Replacement parts, filters, belts and bags are just a click away. Genuine Dirt Devil parts are designed to extend the life of your machine. Your Dirt Devil vacuum or carpet cleaner may also work with specialized add-on tools and accessories for hard-to-reach, detailed cleaning jobs. Many offer discounts when you buy more than one unit, so stock up and save!

How to Find Your Model Number

Information concerning your model including the model number (MODEL), manufacturing code (MFG. CODE), plant code (PLANT) and other information can be found on the models data plate. The following describes where to find the location of your data plate determined by the type of your model.

Uprights, extractors and stick vacs have their data plates on the back of the unit. For uprights and extractors, the data plate is closer to the bottom of the unit. Stick vacs have data plate on the main section of the body more toward the middle of the unit.

The data plate for canister and hand vaccums can be found on the bottom of the units.

How to Find Your Manufacturing Code (Mfg. Code)

The Manufacturer Code consists of one letter, two numbers (leading zero in most cases), and one letter. An example being 'E04A'. The Plant Code consists of a single letter and is to the right of the word plant on the data plate. An example being 'S'.

how to find your manufacturing code